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The Cancian mechanical turnery was founded in 1975, a product of many years of experience accumulated by two brothers: Cancian Angelo and Livio,

who wanted their expertise, gained in the finest and most prestigious industries, to serve the economic reality of the area.

To provide greater standards and expertise, the company expanded its headquarters, investing in technological growth

and its staff, by means of using high quality equipment and qualified training.

In 2009 the company Torneria Meccanica Cancian expanded with the merger of the Ottada brand, specializing in the manufacture of Anuba-style hinges,

and shutters hardware. It provided solutions refined to the smallest detail and highly sophisticated finishes.

Torneria Meccanica Cancian and Ottada merged: Cancian Dynamic was founded, a new brand providing greater innovation and precision in manufacturing.

The headquarters of the Cancian turnery expanded further to allow the two businesses to unite under one roof.

Management Team
Angelo Cancian
Founder and Managing Partner
Livio Cancian
Founder and Managing Partner
Andrea Cancian
Managing Partner
Edoardo Cancian
Managing Partner