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Metal turning is a high-precision processing method used for the manufacture of various types of mechanical objects and components to be used in different manufacturing sectors. The bar capacity ranges from a 3 mm diameter up to 80 mm and the materials processed consist of: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and plastics.

Process performed at the machining center

Milling is a mechanical process involving the removal of material that can affect metal parts, to obtain different types of surfaces, such as flat surfaces, grooves, shoulders and drilling. This allows us to deliver a complete finished product with a perfect finish to our clients.


Our advanced machinery and plants, managed by accurate protocols and qualified staff, enable a constant technical improvement to the manufacturing process, ensuring an excellent aesthetic result, thanks to our trusted suppliers.

Galvanic treatments

Galvanic treatment is a process that treats different metal surfaces, previously cleaned properly and then treated in a galvanic bath. There are various industrial galvanic treatments that can be requested, such as yellow, white and black zinc coating, burnishing and chrome plating.

Manufacture of pivots and hinges

We manufacture Anuba-style hinges for furniture, pivots, strap hinges and shutters hardware, and made to order parts for all your needs. Products are manufactured in serial batches as well as made to order - in small batches too – to meet the needs of customized projects.

Customized projects

We provide our clients with our experience and by working together we assess possible processes to improve their product and customize the price. Every detail is carefully conceived and developed, thanks to highly qualified staff, in full collaborative synergy.

Metal cleaning

We perform, through third party partnerships, metal cleaning services by using special rotating brushes to completely remove residues (such as grease and ring stains) from previous processing stages and we make surfaces more uniform, ensuring a high quality finish.


We provide our clients with different types of packaging, we even cater to their specific requests based on: volume, type of goods and method of delivery - whether by courier or via the use of company transportation. We use multiple materials for packaging, from bags to bundles to boxes and pallets.

Multi-axis sliding head lathe

CNC machinery with a sliding head lathe that allows greater precision for turning and milling operations, always being performed under a “gripper”.

Machining center

With this machine we can carry out face and shoulder milling, and the milling of more or less complex profiles on the part itself, enabling us to provide our clients with a complete component.

Numerical control lathe

Our numerical control lathes allow us to make complex products with more tools working on the part, thus greatly reducing machining times.

Traditional lathes

A type of lathe which makes it is possible to perform simple turning operations very quickly, ensuring cost optimization for our clients.

Cold forming machines and spotters

With these machines we make screws and cold-pressed pins from wire up to a diameter of 13 mm and we make rolled threads up to 14MA.

Spot welders

With these machines we weld bushes and screws of Anuba-style hinges and pivots.